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Wal Commander GitHub Edition
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cmake Add suffix to detect libsmbclient from samba 4
debian Added components to build rpm/deb
docs Typos, docs update
install-files/share Fixed NCWin::UserMenu() dead code
install-windows Fixed Windows installer version
libssh2 Changed windows build environment to use only static libraries: C run…
obj Don't forget the obj folder
setup-wcm Updated to 0.18.0
src 'Case sensitive' shortcut clashing with 'Cancel'
tools Fixed localization script (#366)
.gitignore Make Linux happy
.travis.yml Update mingw PPA
AStyleConfig.cfg Added coding style official config file for Artistic Style
CHANGELOG.GitHub Updated changelog for 0.19.0
CMakeLists.txt Renamed wcm -> src, moved makefiles to the root of the repository
LICENSE Updated copyright year
LICENSE.rtf Updated copyright year Added discussion group URL
makefile Renamed wcm -> src, moved makefiles to the root of the repository
readme_eng.txt Mentioned gcc 4.8 in readme_eng.txt to address the issue #271
wcm_2013.sln Renamed wcm -> src, moved makefiles to the root of the repository
wcm_2013.vcxproj Moved VFS-related stuff to the 'vfs' subfolder
wcm_2013.vcxproj.filters Moved VFS-related stuff to the 'vfs' subfolder
wcm_codeblocks.cbp Fixed #402 on Linux fix osx project file

Wal Commander

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Copyright (c) Valery [Wal] Goryachev 2013-2014

Copyright (c) Sergey Kosarevsky, 2014-2015

Maintained by Sergey Kosarevsky

Discussion group:

The purpose of this project is to create a multi-platform open source file manager (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X) mimicking the look-n-feel of Far Manager.

Currently Wal Commander runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and on OS X using XQuartz.

Getting the latest version:

The most feature complete up-to-date version is in the master branch. However, this is mostly untested and can be broken from time to time (not for long). If you want a stable release for a day to day usage, check out our latest releases or precompiled binary packages.


  • mimic look-n-feel (including editor and shortcuts) of Far Manager
  • built-in terminal
  • built-in text editor with syntax highlighting
  • built-in text viewer
  • virtual file system (smb, ftp, sftp)
  • very fast user interface

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The source code is available under the terms of the MIT License:

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