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examples of the Corptools API implementation in various programming languages.
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CorptoolsAPI examples

Each file contains GET and POST examples for your Corptools API implementation in various programming languages. Each example is designed to be encapsulated in a single executable file or folder, so you can pull down the code and run it as is. You'll need to update the access_key and secret_key with your credentials, along with the details of the request paramerters, to fit your own test.

If you have not already been invited to your Gitter channel, please reach out to to connect with the maintainers of this API. Communication through your Gitter channel is a fast and useful way to get your questions answered.

  • It is strongly recommended to use a JWT library to create your token. This streamlines and simplifies your code; reducing the possiblity for error.

  • JWT also has a helpful debugger on the homepage to test the structure token.

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