This news app makes data from the official inspection reports of 13,000 German nursing homes available to the public.
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Correctiv Nursing Home Platform

Django / Django CMS App powering our “Wegweiser Pflege” news app.


Clone and install via

pip install -e .

Add correctiv_nursinghomes to your INSTALLED_APPS, then hook the with a 'nursinghomes' namespace or add the CMS App into your CMS page tree.

Templates are made to work within our environment:

  • a CMS_TEMPLATE variable is used as a base template location
  • django-sekizai is used to add css / js
  • a number_utils template tag is used

You might need to overwrite them, if you want to run this project in a different environment.


correctiv_nursinghomes requires a PostgreSQL database with Vector Field support.

Load in data and don't forget to run:

./ update_search_field correctiv_nursinghomes

Client-side code

Use NPM to install client-side dependencies:

npm install

During development, use Gulp for transpiling CSS and JavaScript, and running a livereload server:


Use the deploy task to create minified CSS and JavaScript bundles:

gulp deploy