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Scrollvetica 1.0 (v11)

  • Scrollvetica only inverts scroll events for the active user session. This makes it possible to use Scrollvetica and Fast User Switching without having one login session affect another.

Scrollvetica 1.0 (v10)

  • Enabled 32-bit Intel builds.

Scrollvetica 1.0 (v9)

  • Added an option, based in spirit on the patches from Chris Farber, which make the status item optional.

    If you turn off "Show in Menu Bar", Scrollvetica will suppress the status item when it is launched as a login item. (This should cover nearly all of the cases where people want to hide the status item, while still making it behave reasonably for quick interactive use and trying out.)

    If the status item is hidden, double-clicking the Scrollvetica icon in the finder will make it visible again.

Scrollvetica 1.0 (v8)

  • New icons based on contributions from anonymous.

Scrollvetica 1.0 (v7)

  • Initial release.
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