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A tiny hack which inverts scroll events on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
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Scrollvetica 1.0 Scrollvetica 1.0 Scrollvetica 1.0 Scrollvetica 1.0

Scrollvetica 1.0

What is it?

If you spend part of your time living in the future, with default Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad settings, you may find it difficult to switch between the future and the present and maintain any sort of input device sanity.

Scrollvetica is a simple hack which inverts all scrolling events on Snow Leopard such that the effective scroll direction is in the direction of finger movement.


Existing accessibility based solutions didn't work in the set of applications I use daily.


  • Inverts all scroll events in both the horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Helvetica(*)

Known Issues

Since this hack literally inverts all scroll events, scroll events which are used for things other than scrolling will now likely be backwards.

Known examples of things which work incorrectly now:

The volume slider in iTunes
The volume slider in the volume menu extra
Using scroll events to move the selection in the application switcher

I have no plans to "fix" this class of "bug".

[*] Not really.

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