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Repository with code, notebook and slides for my talk at PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2019
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Bayesian Workflow with PyMC and ArviZ

Repository with code and notebook for my talk at PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2019.

The slides for the talk can be found here.


I'm using pipenv with Python 3.7 (the code might also work with other Python 3 versions but then you'll need to change the version in the Pipfile). To install pipenv, run

pip install pipenv

Then install the necessary packages, using

cd Bayesian-Workflow-with-PyMC
pipenv install

To activate the environment and start the notebooks from it, run

pipenv shell
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=$(basename $(pwd))
jupyter lab
# or jupyter notebook

Then, inside jupyter, pick the according kernel for the notebooks.


To download the shapefiles and preprocess the data, run

make data


The data used in the notebooks and for the talk is by Europace AG and not in the Repository. I instead included a data set of rental offers that I scraped from Immoscout24. A more detailed description of how I scraped the data etc can be found here. To use the rental data in the notebooks, you can change

d, zip_lookup, num_zip_codes = load_data(kind="prices")   


d, zip_lookup, num_zip_codes = load_data(kind="rents")
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