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Corrode Rust Consulting

Empowering teams to build reliable and efficient software with Rust
Corrode Rust Consulting

About corrode

We are a Rust consulting company based in Germany that puts people first.

We can help you with:

  • Training
  • Code reviews
  • Rust project maintenance
  • Performance optimizations

Reach out for an intro chat. 🦀✨

Popular repositories

  1. four-horsemen-talk four-horsemen-talk Public

    Slides and sample code from my talk "The Four Horsemen of Bad Rust Code" at FOSDEM

    Rust 21

  2. Public

    Official website of the Corrode Rust Consultancy

    HTML 3 2

  3. .github .github Public

  4. filefilter filefilter Public

    Example code for the article on language patterns in Rust



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