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Vim-puzzles are short text puzzles that only require a basic knowledge of the text editor, Vim. This is made for beginner to advanced Vim users. While I have still a lot to learn, I hope that this is a good starting point for beginners to learn more advanced stuff.



The aim of this is to test your Vim knowledge and to allow beginners to practice their skills. Some of the sets will be common occurances in a programmer's daily life while others are just there to test how much you can optimize your Vim skills.



Playing is simple, just follow the instructions. The underscore is where your cursor should be(by default, it will usually be at the start of the puzzle, but will also sometimes appear in the middle or at the end). There are many ways to do the instructions, but the challenge is to do it in as few keystrokes as possible.



  • The maximum number of moves is just a guideline. You can go way past that(means you need more practice), or you can use half the number of moves(you can send me your solution so I can lower the guideline - with credits to you of course).

  • ANY keystroke is counted. If you need to type 'hello', the count breakdown would be:

    • 1 for the insert i
    • 5 for the letters hello

    For a grand total of 6 keystrokes.

  • Don't count ESC if it is the last keystroke. From the example above, no need to count ESC as the last keystroke.

  • Pressing SHIFT + any key counts as one, not two. If you use :, that counts as one keystroke, and not two(SHIFT + ;)

  • Try to count out loud as you type and double check your count, but don't obsess on it.

  • Remember to only use PLAIN Vim commands. No using plugins like surround, etc.

  • Have fun!


Beginner to advanced exercises for Vim users


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