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Releases: cortesi/devd


20 Jan 19:48
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  • Fix live reload issues on Linux (Delyan Angelov)
  • Only inject livereload content if content type is text/html (Mattias Wadman)
  • Fix treatment of X-Forwarded-Proto (Marvin Frick)
  • Dependency updates and test improvements


07 Jan 19:00
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  • Improvements in file change monitoring, fixing a number of bugs and
    reliability issues, and improving the way we handle symlinks (via the
    moddwatch repo).
  • Fix handling of the X-Forwarded-Proto header in reverse proxy (thanks to Bernd
  • Various other minor fixes and documentation updates.


07 Dec 20:33
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  • Add the --notfound flag, which specifies over-rides when the static file sever can't find a file. This is useful for single-page JS app development. See the docs for more information.
  • Improved directory listings, nicer 404 pages.
  • X-Forwarded-Proto is now added to reverse proxied requests.


24 Sep 00:46
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  • Fix support for MacOS Sierra. This just involved a recompile to fix a compatibility issue between older versions of the Go toolchain and Sierra.
  • Fix an issue that caused a slash to be added to some URLs forwarded to reverse proxied hosts.
  • livereload: endpoints now run on all domains, fixing livereload on subdomain endpoints.
  • livereload: fix support of IE11 (thanks
  • Sort directory list entries (thanks @Schnouki).
  • Improved route parsing and clarity - (thanks to @aellerton).


07 Apr 22:56
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  • Increase the size of the initial file chunk we inspect or a tag for
    livereload injection. Fixes some rare cases where pages with a lot of header
    data didn't trigger livereload.
  • Request that upstream servers do not return compressed data, allowing
    livereload script injection. (thanks Thomas B Homburg
  • Bugfix: Fix recursive file monitoring for static routes


11 Feb 22:53
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  • Add support for modd, with the -m flag.
  • Add -X flag to set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * on all responses, allowing
    the use of multiple domains in testing.
  • Add -L flag, which turns on livereload but doesn't trigger on modification,
    allowing livereload to be driven by external tools.
  • Add -C flag to force colour output, even if we're not attachd to a terminal.
  • Add -t flag to disable timestamps.
  • Silence console errors due to a stupid long-standing Firefox bug.
  • Fix throttling of data upload.
  • Improve display of content sizes.
  • Add distributions for OpenBSD and NetBSD.


11 Nov 21:55
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  • -s (--tls) Generate a self-signed certificate, and enable TLS. The cert
    bundle is stored in ~/.devd.cert
  • Add the X-Forwarded-Host header to reverse proxied traffic.
  • Disable upstream cert validation for reverse proxied traffic. This makes
    using self-signed certs for development easy. Devd shoudn't be used in
    contexts where this might pose a security risk.
  • Bugfix: make CSS livereload work in Firefox
  • Bugfix: make sure the Host header and SNI host matches for reverse proxied


04 Nov 21:22
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  • -x (--exclude) flag to exclude files from livereload.
  • -P (--password) flag for quick HTTP Basic password protection.
  • -q (--quiet) flag to suppress all output from devd.
  • Humanize file sizes in console logs.
  • Improve directory indexes - better formatting, they now also livereload.
  • Devd's built-in livereload URLs are now less likely to clash with user URLs.
  • Internal 404 pages are now included in logs, timing measurement, and
  • Improved heuristics for livereload file change detection. We now handle
    things like transient files created by editors better.
  • A Linux ARM build will now be distributed with each release.

Thanks to Barret Rennie, Bill Mill
and Judson Mitchell ( for contributing to this

Initial release

22 Oct 22:46
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