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A module for printing "nice" messages from assertion statements.
import tokenize, parser
class _Wrap:
def __init__(self, *lines):
self.lines = list(lines)
def __call__(self):
if not self.lines:
raise StopIteration
return self.lines.pop(0)
class Expression:
def __init__(self, s):
self.s = s.strip()
def show(self, glob, loc):
return repr(eval(self.s, glob, loc))
except SyntaxError, v:
return "<could not be evaluated>"
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.s == other.s
class Explain:
_specialOps = set(["==", "!=", "<", ">", ])
_specialNames = set(["not", "and", "or"])
def __init__(self, expr=None, glob=None, loc=None):
self.expr, self.glob, self.loc = expr, glob, loc
if self.expr:
self.parsed, self.expr = self.parseExpression(self.expr)
def parseExpression(self, expr):
Parses an expression into components. It understands the following
delimiters: ==, !=, >, <, not, and, or
In each of these cases, the variables "x" and "y" will be evaluated.
Discards the second (message) clause of an assertion expression.
Returns None if the expression could not be interpreted.
nest = 0
rem = expr
# A list of (str, start, end) tuples.
delimiters = []
for i in list(tokenize.generate_tokens(_Wrap(expr))):
name, txt = tokenize.tok_name[i[0]], i[1]
start, end = i[2][1], i[3][1]
if name == "OP" and (txt == "(" or txt == "["):
nest += 1
elif name == "OP" and (txt == ")" or txt == "]"):
nest -= 1
elif nest == 0:
if name == "OP" and txt in self._specialOps:
delimiters.append((txt, start, end))
elif name == "NAME" and txt in self._specialNames:
delimiters.append((txt, start, end))
elif name == "OP" and txt == ",":
rem = expr[:start]
except tokenize.TokenError:
return None, None
if delimiters:
ret = []
cur = 0
for s, start, end in delimiters:
if start > cur:
cur = end
return ret, rem
return [Expression(rem)], rem
def __str__(self):
l = []
l.append(" :: Re-evaluating expression:\n")
l.append(" :: %s\n"%self.expr)
l.append(" ::")
for i in self.parsed:
if isinstance(i, Expression):
l.append(, self.loc))
return " ".join(l)