Tools to work with Allen Inst CCF data in matlab
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allen CCF tools

Some code to work with the Allen Inst Mouse Brain CCF data, specifically the 10µm voxel 2017 version.

Slice Histology Alignment, Registration, and Probe Track analysis (SHARP-Track)

SHARP-Track is a MATLAB user interface to explore the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, register asymmetric slice images to the atlas using manual input, and interactively analyze electrode tracks that span several slices. It can also be used to localize other ROIs such as labelled neurons or to determine the parameters needed to target particular brain regions with an electrode. All user-oriented scripts can be found in the 'SHARP-Track' folder.

See this repository's wiki for instructions.

If you use this tool, please cite our bioRxiv paper.

Basic functionality


To run the Atlas Browser

>> tv = readNPY('template_volume_10um.npy'); % grey-scale "background signal intensity"
>> av = readNPY('annotation_volume_10um_by_index.npy'); % the number at each pixel labels the area, see note below
>> st = loadStructureTree('structure_tree_safe_2017.csv'); % a table of what all the labels mean

>> file_save_location = 'C:\Histology\Mouse1'; % where will the probe locations be saved
>> probe_name = 'test'; % name probe to avoid overwriting

>> f = allenAtlasBrowser(tv, av, st, file_save_location, probe_name);

To plot wire mesh of brain

bregma = allenCCFbregma();
isBrain = av>1; % >0 for original av, >1 for by_index
gridIn3D(double(isBrain), 0.5, 50, bregma);
axis vis3d
set(gca, 'ZDir', 'reverse')
axis equal
axis off
view([-30    25]);

Note about annotation volume

The original volume has numbers that correspond to the "id" field in the structure tree, but since I wanted to make a colormap for these, I re-indexed the annotation volume by the row number of the structure tree. So in this version the values correspond to "index"+1. This also allows using uint16 datatype, cutting file size in half. See setup_utils.m.


© 2015 Allen Institute for Brain Science. Allen Mouse Brain Atlas (2015) with region annotations (2017). Available from:

See Allen Mouse Common Coordinate Framework Technical White Paper for details