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Phase3A probes [which version do I have? ]

To record data from a Neuropixels Phase3A probe, you will need:

  • Headstage (IMEC-supplied)
  • Cable (IMEC-supplied)
  • Basestation (IMEC-supplied)
  • FPGA: Xilinx Kintex-7 KC705. E.g. from Digikey
  • Acquisition computer
    • Required: gigabit ethernet port
    • Recommended: good GPU, SSD hard drive (not the same drive the OS is on)

Phase3B, aka Neuropixels 1.0, probes [which version do I have? ]

Phase 3B probes (on sale now) require different cables and headstages than Phase3A, and are used with a new PXIe-based system. See for more. A limited number of FPGA-based recording systems for P3B were developed for testing but these are not generally available.

An example rig (old FPGA-based system)

This is an example of a complete and working setup for an anesthetized recording.

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