Soundcloud bots that spider soundcloud remixing tracks.
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Soundcloud bots that

  • spider soundcloud for tracks
  • remix the music, title, and artwork
  • post the remixes
  • comment on tracks
  • Free account: repeat until account limit is reached
  • Soundcloud Pro: repeat forever, or until temporary bans for too much activity (Avoid more than 50 songs a day)

See them in action!




In the media


This directory contains older bots temporarily banished to purgatory. They need to be updated to function with the latest Soundcloud API.

How to run AUTOCHIPTUNE bot

git clone
pip install soundcloud

Install Librosa either pip install librosa or from source

Install jupyter notebook

Run jupyter notebook

Register for the Soundcloud API and get a secret key.

Register a new account on soundcloud for your bot.

Open Dadabot_Autochiptune.ipynb in jupyter notebook.

Search for client_id and client_secret and update them with your soundcloud API credentials.

Search for bot.username and bot.password to your new soundcloud account credentials.

Execute all the code.

Needs at least one follower in order to start spidering.

As long as jupyter notebook server is running, the bot will continue to make new tracks.

If you register for Soundcloud Pro the bot will post new tracks FOREVER

Making a new bot

Copy Dadabot_Autochiptune.ipynb and edit it.

Example output

Autochiptune remix.
Initializing soundcloud.Client . . . 
Searching Check Me Out!'s tracks . . . 
Searching j.j.g.89's tracks . . . 
Searching B Floss's tracks . . . 
Hmm..  Floss  Love Me Or Hate Me (ISDGAF)
gnab download..
opening url

gnab download..
opening url

gnab download..
opening url

MP3: ./dadabots/mp3/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.mp3
TRACK_ART: ./dadabots/art/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.jpg
USER_ART: ./dadabots/art/b-floss-2.avatar.jpg

Updating avatar..../dadabots/art/b-floss-2.avatar.rmx.autochip.jpg
Remixing track art ./dadabots/art/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.jpg
Calling autochip(./dadabots/mp3/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.mp3, ./dadabots/mp3/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.rmx.autochiptune.mp3)
Processing b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.mp3
Synthesizing squares...
Synthesizing triangles...
Synthesizing drums...
Remix title: B Floss: Floss  Love Me Or Hate Me (ISDGAF) [autochip rmx]
Uploading remix . . . 
Remix track art ./dadabots/art/b-floss-2_floss-love-me-or-hate-me.rmx.autochip.jpg
Liking track . . . 
Commenting . . . autochiptune_remix:

Commenting . . . Original:



  • Dadabots became a monolithic notebook of code. Separate it back into its reusable pieces, so new bots are easier to make, and old bots are easier to update (whenever soundcloud API changes).

  • Store activity in database.

  • One follower got annoyed because the bot remixed 5 of his tracks (randomly). Instead remix one track per user until all users have been remixed.

  • Remix tracks which users send bot in a private message.

  • Unfollow users which do not follow back after n days.