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@csmarchbanks csmarchbanks released this Aug 7, 2019

  • [CHANGE] HA Tracker flags were renamed to provide more clarity #1465
    • distributor.accept-ha-labels is now distributor.ha-tracker.enable
    • distributor.accept-ha-samples is now distributor.ha-tracker.enable-for-all-users
    • ha-tracker.replica is now distributor.ha-tracker.replica
    • ha-tracker.cluster is now distributor.ha-tracker.cluster
  • [FEATURE] You can specify "heap ballast" to reduce Go GC Churn #1489
  • [BUGFIX] HA Tracker no longer always makes a request to Consul/Etcd when a request is not from the active replica #1516
  • [BUGFIX] Queries are now correctly cancelled by the query-frontend #1508
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