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CorTexT Platform

Digital Platform for social studies of science, technology and digital societies

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  1. crawtext Public

    Forked from mazieres/crawtext_last

    Yet another tiny crawler in command line using python, Bing Search API, Goose and Adblock.

    Python 9 3

  2. patstat Public

    A bunch of amazing scripts, mainly in SQL, made by members of platform CorText for Patstat relational database (EPO)

    JavaScript 7 4

  3. Cortext Graphs exploration annotation web app built on top of Meteor and Sigma.js

    CSS 6 3

  4. GeoNames Public

    A simple MySQL Script to build the GeoNames based on the exportable dump ( and on the postal codes dump (

    6 6

  5. geoclust Public

    Software to build geographical clusters based on weighted couples of coordinates (longitude and latitude)

    Java 5 1

  6. wostext Public

    Specific extractor for WoS, send a query and populate a corpus based on a search results

    Python 3 2


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