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iris analyzes the meaning of text and provides insights into how Retina technology can be applied to text-data comparison and information extraction. This free tool is also an example of an application that integrates with the Retina API.

In iris, you can:
  • Input text and examine how the meaning of the text is encoded as a semantic fingerprint
  • Refine or broaden text with Boolean expressions and view the resulting changes to the encoded meaning
  • Compare text in eight languages and measure the similarity of meaning between different pieces of text
  • Identify different contexts in which terms are used and automatically generate lists of similar terms
  • Extract keywords from text

Related topics

Quick Start Tutorial

Table of Contents

Installation Version 2 (v2.0.2)


Download Iris dmg installer (for macosx)


  • The dmg installer requires no Java installation (because it is fully self-contained), therefore it is ~80MB in size.

Also NOTE:

  • Once downloaded, you will have to "allow" the installed app to run by going to the: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open Anyway <-- click on the "Open Anyway" button.

Windows & Linux

Download Iris "clickable" Jar File

  • NOTE: Requires Java 8 installation - to get Java 8, Select "Free Java Download" on the linked Oracle site.

To Run:

Simply Double-Click on the ".jar" file...



> java -jar iris-v2.0.2.jar

...on the command line.

To see all releases, see the Release Page

Usage: alt text

See the Quick Start Tutorial!

The application will prompt for an API Key, which IRIS will guide you to do. Just click on the "Get API" button, and copy the API Key into IRIS once obtained.

In general, using IRIS requires opening "Input Windows" and "Output Windows", and connecting them.

  • Input Windows - allow you to enter either terms, expressions or full-bodied text. The first Input Window opened automatically opens an Output Window and connects it. For others, you must open and connect them manually.

  • Output Windows - show progress of all queries, and display the results in many different ways. Select on the various tabs in order to see the different output formats.

For Tips: click on alt text, available throughout IRIS.

Downloadable User Guide (version 1.1)

Download the IRIS User Guide in *.pdf format

General Usage Tips

Expressions Tab

  1. Don't enter in any "operators" (i.e. AND, OR, XOR etc.)
  2. Just enter word after word and in-between the UI will prompt for the operators...
  3. Use the "arrow" keys to cycle through the operator choices...

General Cursor Movement

  • In general, use the arrow keys to move the cursor in-between the terms, and "tab/shift-tab" to move to each term.
  • Use the "ctrl" key to select words or enter parenthesis between words once the cursor is moved.

Feedback and Issue Tracking

Please leave us your comments, questions and any issues you find! We're very grateful for your feedback!