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My alternative to Unity movie textures before Unity 5.6
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Live Materials 1.2

My alternative to Unity movie textures before Unity 5.6
It has been tested in Unity 5.0, 5.4 and 5.5.

Developement is discontinued.

It allows materials to loop through a user defined array of textures in order to play a GIF or video on the surface of the material on any of its texture slots. Also interacts with the Unity GI system if you're modifying the Emissive texture.

Here's a video to show off these features.

With the release of Unity 5.6 they included the new video player, which makes my asset quite deprecated so I'm just sharing it here in case anyone finds it useful.


You are free to do whatever you want — download, fork, commercial and non-commercial use, etc...
As long as you credit me as the MIT License stands.


Just clone the LiveMaterials folder wherever in your Unity project and read the files inside it.

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