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Guests: Update food and schedule for 2014

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33 guests/food.html
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<small>Alley entrance</small>
<h5>Les Caves: best beer and burger</h5>
-<div>Open 'til midnight</div>
+<div>Open 'til 1 a.m.</div>
<div>Map: <a href=",-123.260768&sspn=0.011695,0.015042&t=v&hnear=308+SW+3rd+St,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97333&z=16">308 SW 3rd Street</a></div>
<h5>Block 15: local brewery</h5>
@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@
<div>Map: <a href=",-123.262061&sspn=0.011696,0.015042&t=v&hnear=300+SW+Jefferson+Ave,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97333&z=16">300 SW Jefferson Avenue</a></div>
+<h5>Sky High Brewing: local brewery</h5>
+<div>Open 'til midnight</div>
+<div>Map: <a href=",+Corvallis,+OR&hl=en&sll=44.562972,-123.283536&sspn=0.223574,0.340919&hnear=160+NW+Jackson+Ave,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97330&t=m&z=17">308 SW 3rd Street</a></div>
<h5>American Dream Pizza: large group friendly</h5>
<div>Open 'til:
@@ -47,17 +51,30 @@
<div>Map: <a href=",-123.259393&sspn=0.011695,0.015042&t=v&hnear=151+NW+Monroe+Ave,+Corvallis,+Benton,+Oregon+97330&z=16">151 NW Monroe Avenue</a></div>
-<h5>Snugbar: quality cocktails</h5>
-<div>Open 'til 10 p.m.</div>
-<div>Map: <a href=",-123.259077&sspn=0.011695,0.015042&t=v&hnear=137+SW+2nd+St,+Corvallis,+Benton,+Oregon+97333&z=16">137 SW 2nd Street</a></div>
-<small>Inside of Magenta Restaurant, downstairs</small>
+<h5>Del Alma: quality cocktails</h5>
+<div>Open 'til:
+ <li>11 p.m. Fri-Sat</li>
+ <li>Closed Sun</li>
+<div>Map: <a href=",+Suite+102++Corvallis,+OR&hl=en&sll=44.559707,-123.261176&sspn=0.006987,0.010654&hnear=136+SW+Washington+Ave+%23102,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97333&t=m&z=17">136 SW Washington Avenue</a></div>
-<h5>Interzone: brunch, coffee, vegan, gluten free options</h5>
+<h5>Interzone: brunch, coffee, vegan options</h5>
<div>Open 8 a.m. &ndash; midnight</div>
<div>Map: <a href=",-123.259826&sspn=0.011695,0.015042&t=v&hnear=1563+NW+Monroe+Ave,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97330&z=16">1563 NW Monroe Avenue</a></div>
<h5>Corvallis Culinary Week</h5>
<div>(Fri-Sat, closing times vary)</div>
-<div>$10 plates at participating restaurants</div>
-<div>See website: <a href="">Culinary Week 2013</a></div>
+<div>$10 plates at participating restaurants:</div>
+ <li>101</li>
+ <li>Aqua</li>
+ <li>Big River</li>
+ <li>Cloud &amp; Kelly's</li>
+ <li>Del Alma</li>
+ <li>Fireworks</li>
+ <li>Luc</li>
+ <li>Magenta</li>
+<div>See website: <a href="">Culinary Week 2014</a></div>
18 guests/main.html
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
- <p class="question-section">Please use this quick reference as you wish. :-)</p>
+ <p class="question-section">Please use this quick reference as you wish.</p>
-<!-- <h5>Friday evening</h5>
- <div>Dance is 9 p.m. &ndash; midnight.</div>
+ <h5>Friday evening</h5>
+ <div>Dance is 8:30 p.m. &ndash; midnight.</div>
<div>Map: <a href=",+Corvallis&hl=en&sll=44.565821,-123.284575&sspn=0.011542,0.028732&t=v&hnear=160+SW+26th+St,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97331&z=16">OSU Women's Building</a></div>
<h5>Friday late night</h5>
@@ -11,13 +11,11 @@
<small>Side entrance, upstairs.</small>
- -->
<h5>Saturday afternoon</h5>
- <div>Yoga is 2 &ndash; 3 p.m.</div>
- <div>Map: <a href=",+Corvallis,+OR&hl=en&sll=44.563616,-123.259662&sspn=0.013331,0.020599&gl=us&hnear=223+NW+2nd+St,+Corvallis,+Benton,+Oregon+97330&t=m&z=17">Downtown Dance</a></div>
- <div style="margin-top: 1em">Community open house is 1 &ndash; 5 p.m.</div>
- <small>(see your welcome packet for details)</small>
+ <div style="margin-top: 1em">Community open house is 2 &ndash; 4 p.m.</div>
+ <small>(see your welcome packet for the location)</small>
<h5>Saturday evening</h5>
<div>Dance is 8 p.m. &ndash; midnight</div>
@@ -32,7 +30,9 @@
<h5>Sunday afternoon</h5>
- <div>Music and hangout is 1 &ndash; 4 p.m.</div>
+ <div>Yoga is noon &ndash; 1 p.m.</div>
+ <div>Map: <a href=",+Corvallis,+OR&hl=en&sll=44.563616,-123.259662&sspn=0.013331,0.020599&gl=us&hnear=223+NW+2nd+St,+Corvallis,+Benton,+Oregon+97330&t=m&z=17">Downtown Dance</a></div>
+ <div style="margin-top: 1em">Music and hangout is 1 &ndash; 4 p.m.</div>
<div>Map: <a href=",+Corvallis,+OR&hl=en&ll=44.561312,-123.261248&spn=0.006666,0.0103&sll=44.562602,-123.260602&sspn=0.006666,0.0103&hnear=341+SW+2nd+St,+Corvallis,+Oregon+97333&t=m&z=17">Old World Deli</a></div>
<h5>Sunday evening</h5>
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