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NERO Character Creator
	by Corey T Kump

This is a desktop NERO character creator and tracker for Windows (or Linux).
It's designed to make it easy to figure out what you want to do with your character (build-wise, at least).

It is written in Ruby. It uses Qt 4.7 for the GUI and YAML files for all data.

It has the following features:
 * Tracks basic information, such as player name, character name, race, class, and primary school of magic
 * Allows you to easily and quickly "build" your character
 * Save and load your characters so that you don't have to rebuild them every time
 * Keeps track of your experience so that you can better determine how to spend your build
 * Tracks formal effects upon the spirit
 * Saves your character's back story
 * Makes it especially easy to determine your spell tree
 * Tracks deaths and spirit forges

If you are interested in developing this application on Windows (on Linux you shouldn't need as much help), you can follow the following steps:
1. Install Ruby 1.8.7 from
2. Install the Development Kit from
3. Copy the latest copies of the Qt library DLLs into a directory listed in your path, such as C:\Windows\System32
4. In the ruby command prompt, run 'gem install rake'
5. In the ruby command prompt, run 'gem install --platform=mswin32 qtruby4'
6. In the ruby command prompt, run 'gem install win32-dir'