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mofications for the wetab:
WARNING: this are Proof Of Concepts, not perfect sources !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kernel modules:
hid-multitouch: Because of the interaction between the screen firmware,
and the way that Android is expecting contact information, we need to send
information about both fingers to Android.
Also the firmware sometimes report pressure 0, when there is pressure.
I added a small "fix" for this.
TODO: on ics this might not be necessary, but its working
btusb and ath3k.
Our wetab is reporting different pci-ids when the bluetooth chip is
cold booted(no firmware) or warm booted (firmware already loaded)
the first needs to be handled by athk3, the second by btusb.
Needed to change both modules in the btusb and athk3 blacklists.
(Bluetooth in Android is not working yet, on cmd line it is !)
TODO: check on ICS
A version from kernel 3.2, with some fixes.
1. initialization of ALS (real error in original source)
2. small fix in reporting X,Y and Z values on multiple timeouts
NEWER VERSION (jan 2012):
rewrite of getting accelerometer values. Using direct read of the
Embedded Controller. This will give much better results then the ACPI calls.
Still have the problem that there is no locking between getting High and Low
bytes from the EC.
Implemented a (good?) bypass.
Field test gave however a very strange result.
The asus-laptop version is polling the EC, after 1 to 3 hours, this
resulted in: lowering screen brightness, stoping the fan and other problems.
I believe that the EC is overloaded (crashing or getting to warm).
Decided to not poll the Acellerometer anymore, but use
the "screen orientations change 0xEA" to only read the accelerometer.
when the screen rotation changes.
(same as wetabOS is doing)
So in Android we will not have accelerometer, but only orientation change
Implemented early suspend (see below)
Kernel Command line
delete acpi_sleep (old and obsolete)
We also might want to use
i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 i915.modeset=1 ehci_force_handoff=1 pcie_aspm=force
as in wetab OS to get longer battery life
Sample from google adapted for our brightness range (1-15, not 1-255)
"Stolen" from a "advent vega" forum, and adapted to our wetab
"stolen" from ???
adapted for the wetab.
Accelerometer is working (including auto-rotate)
But the accelerometer is very noisy.
NB 1: Now using a modified kbdsensor (see asus-laptop above).
FIXED NB 2: Not yet working in ICS.
Its working on ICS now, after I found out that ICS needs more values from
accelerometer, with correct timestamps, needed to fix kbdsensor for this.
stole a version again from de Vega forum,
adapted it to the wetab.
Is working in HoneyComb
For ICS: the HAL is changed a lot, but again found a source in VEGA forum.
Started to adapt this to wetab.
TODO It is working a bit. WORK in PROGRES.
Audio for ICS:
We can now use alsa for this, its working since about 20-01-2012
Also included is a libaudio that is using tinyalsa !!!
source onxe again from <>.
adapted for the wetab, (mixer values and names).
On the wetab mmap is not working in alsa, so I need to use "normal" pcm_write.
I do not know what is wrong with mmap.
3G for ICS:
Started with:
needed to put some defines in, to make it compile on ICS
Needed to add "AT^RFSWITCH=1" during initialization to make the modem on.
(Seems not everyone needs one, but I do. The "AT+CFUN=1" should do the same,
but it is not working for me)
You also need to change class "late_start" to "main" in the rild in init.rc)
And ofcoarse pppd etc. is needed.
see also
special_su is the su that works with SuperUser Package (logging etc...)
I believe su needs its suid bit set (as in linux), but I do not know
how this should be implemeneted in a nice way
special version for wetab, see below.
Better suspend/resume handling.
boot command
delete ACPI_sleep, this is old and obsolete
The accelerometer is creating a event device.
Because of the interaction between a linux device and the
android OS, this could lead to: "unable to suspend".
The linux device would create a wake_lock for the event, until it is
read by the Andorid OS.
But if the Android read-accelerometer proces is frozen during suspend
and the accelerometer is still feeding events, these wakelocks would
prevent the suspend.
SOLUTION: stop feeding accelermometer events in the early-suspend stage.
Power button:
The Power button has a few problems.
First a press if sleeping, is NOT passed to the OS (as per ACPI-V3
specifications). This can be changed but requires a kernel modification.
Second the wetab Power button is unable to give us a "long" pressure.
Every press is a short one.
Third the EventHub.cpp will not listen for keys if the screen is not
on (for instance during resume). I believe this last one is a leftover patch
SOLUTIONS: extend the powerbtn deamon to emulate a long pressure if
two pressures within one second are detected.
extend the powerbtnd to send a POWER_KEY during resume
Fix EventHub.cpp (
No need for fixing EventHub anymore.
BUT there is another problem on ICS.
a resume will return to VT1, not the graphics console.
You can also not switch with CTRL-ALT-F7 to the graphics console.
So no solution yett for suspend/resume on ICS.
Thanks to all those people who try to make his working, such as
the peoples in the wetab forum.
And all those people that left sources in different forums like
And Corvus (
Last but not least:
Chih-Wei, from the Android-x86 project at