A facebook replacement for anti-socialists.
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A facebook replacement.

Facepage comes from a general dis-satisfaction with Facebook, and similar social networking sites (Google+, I'm looking at you). As I moved away from Facebook I found myself using Tumblr and Twitter a fair bit. I tried linking my feeds up, so when I post to Tumblr or Twitter it would post to Facebook and let my friends there know about new stuff I'd posted. This works to some degree, but supports Facebook as the central repository of information.

Facepage is intended to replace Facebook as that central repository. A simple one-page site that gives you everything I value about Facebook, without feeding the Facebook machine. Right now, in its infancy it just aggregates my Tumblr and Twitter page, and provides a side menu of ways to communicate with me.


  • Pulls from Tumblr and Twitter
  • Markdown is used for the sidebar menu, so put whatever you want there.
  • Uses output buffering to cache the page, so feeds will update every minute.

Demo page http://cory.davander.com/.


git clone git@github.com:coryalder/Facepage.git
cd Facepage
git submodule init
git submodule update

mkdir site; touch site/sidebar.md
mkdir tmp


  • Open index.php in your favourite text editor
  • Set your site title, subtitle, and feed sources in the config section at the top of this file.
  • Set your timezone, default is UTC, but any of these strings will work.

Push to your server

rsync -ave ssh ./ username@your.server.com:/destination/path/on/your/server/

Going deeper

You can tweak the CACHE_TIME in cache.php. Default is 1 minute.

Fork and pull requests welcome. This is a work in progress, and by no means supposed to be a complete nor well coded solution at this time. If it doesn't do something you want, you're going to have to code it yourself.

Feature ideas / todo list:

  • Add twitter mentions.
  • Make templates for non Photo/Video/Link tumblr posts (I only use these types, it seems, so it's not a problem for me)
  • Better formatting / @username and #hashtag detection in tweets
  • Other feeds (facebook, posterous, G+, etc.)
  • Comments on individual items, via disqus.
  • Facebook style "wall posts" via disqus.
  • Deployment scripts. Something like octopress' rakefile actions. To trigger rsync, etc.
  • Move config into a YAML file (or similar).
  • Better positioning for the Facebook profile pic.
  • More themes.

Open an issue if you want to discuss any of these ideas, or just vote for them being a higher priority. Better yet, implement them and let me know.