An Xcode build script that converts @2x retina graphics to half-rez graphics for non-retina devices. This enables developers to only deal in @2x graphics, and lets Xcode handle the rest.
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Written by Cory Alder

Designed to be used as a build script from Xcode, automatically scales all retina graphics (denoted by @2x.png) to half size.


depending on your preference, set should_overwrite_existing_files. script expects images to be located in $SOURCE_ROOT/Assets/ (change that on line 33)


Place in $SOURCE_ROOT, and add a run-script build step Make sure the run script happens before "copy bundle resources"

In this case, the asset directory is $SOURCE_ROOT/Assets

Script: /usr/bin/python $SOURCE_ROOT/ Assets

(if you know how to run python direct from Xcode, let me know.