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LaTeX Beamer themes for UConn
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UConn Beamer themes

This is a repo for the development of LaTeX themes and templates for the University of Connecticut, to complement the PowerPoint themes available on the Brand Standards website.



This repo contains the following coordinated Beamer themes:

  • beamercolorthemeuconn.sty (color theme)
  • beamerfontthemeuconn.sty (font theme)
  • beamerinnerthemeuconn.sty (inner theme)
  • beamerouterthemeuconn.sty (outer theme)
  • beamerthemeuconn.sty (theme incorporating the above)

They're not complete, but they demonstrate the basics of each type of theme.


Three templates are included, which illustrate the color and font themes (uconn-color-font-example.tex), the inner and outer themes (uconn-inner-outer-example.tex), and all four themes (uconn-theme-example.tex).

It would be useful to include poster and report templates as well; i don't have plans for this, but contributions would be welcome.


Current versions

The examples (the .tex files) illustrate how to use the themes in LaTeX documents.

To use these themes in your own Beamer slideshow, either store the .sty files and the images folder in the same directory as the .tex file, or clone this repo and edit one of the .tex files into your own slideshow. I have not yet tried installing them in a texmf directory.

To make subtle changes, for example to remove the oak leaf background or to permute the bullet point colors, edit the .sty files directly. (In future i hope to include theme options that will allow users to remove or change certain features using preamble commands.)

Ongoing development

To see several university themes that illustrate a range of design space, check out Martin Madsen's Ultimate Beamer Theme List.

If you think these themes could be improved, please make suggestions in an issue or send a pull request!


The code, including templates and examples, are products of authorship and released into the public domain. Wordmarks and logos are trademarks of the University of Connecticut and used with permission. See the University Logo and Wordmark Policy for guidance or email the Brands office with questions.

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