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A flask extension providing JSONP support to flask's jsonify
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Flask-Jsonpify is an extension to Flask's core jsonify function, returning JSON-Padded responses when a callback is specified as request's arguments. It's usage and implementation is the same as flask.jsonify, differing only when a request has a callback specified in the request arguments, in which case the response body is JSON-Padded, or JSONP, using the callback.

To add JSONP support to all routes which previously used flask.jsonify, simply import jsonify from flask.ext.jsonpify instead of importing it from flask. The arguments and responses are fully compatible. Alternatively, import jsonpify from flask.ext.jsonpify to support JSONP in certain places.


Install the extension with one of the following commands:

$ easy_install flask-jsonpify

or alternatively if you have pip installed (which you should):

$ pip install flask-jsonpify


The best way to use Flask-Jsonpify is to completely replace Flask's jsonify with this module's jsonify function, as shown below. The method is fully compatible.

from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.jsonpify import jsonify

app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
    return jsonify(user="lala")

if __name__ == "__main__":
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