Release Notes

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Release notes for gorm-couchdb .1 release

What works in this release

- Tested to work on 0.9.0 – 0.11.0
- Domain objects for CouchDB-backed objects can be stored in the domain folder
- id and version are automatically injected to the domain class
- standard gorm get(), delete(), save() methods
- standard domain constraints, including errors, hasErrors, etc.
- transients
- properties for setting a bunch of properties at once, e.g., = params inside of a controller
- attachments are supported
- automatically converts common types (dates, numbers) back and forth from CouchDB
- finder support through CouchDB views
- can load views by name
- can store .js views for automatic loading into CouchDB (see the custom views section in the howto)

What doesn’t work in this release

- Object inheritance
- One-To-One/One-To-Many/Many-To-Many mapping
- Custom “type” column name (the ability to choose a different name for the “type” column)
- Composite keys
- Dynamic Finders

Known bugs

- generate-all and standard scaffolding doesn’t work with @CouchEntity annotated domain objects