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Resources for learning GraphQL.
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Resources for learning GraphQL.


This repo contains the following example applications in /examples:

Name Description
express-graphql Simple GraphQL Server using Express.
react-apollo-example Use React with Apollo to query GraphQL.
react-vanilla-graphql-github Call the GitHub GraphQL API using plain GraphQL with React. No libraries required.
wrap-rest-api Use GraphQL to wrap an existing REST API.

Large Example Apps


Here are the slides.


Here are a few of my favorite GraphQL playgrounds.

Name Description Playground Type
GitHub GitHub's Production API GraphiQL
Snowtooth Ski run data Playground
Star Wars API Star Wars Data API GraphiQL
City Distances Shows how connections work Launchpad
Dog GraphQL Dog data Playground

Many more public GraphQL APIs here.

More Resources

For a huge list of GraphQL resources, check out Awesome GraphQL. Also, check out GraphQL Links.

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