Implementation of Angular 2's "Tour of Heroes" Tutorial in React
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#React Tour of Heroes

This is an implementation of Angular 2's Tour of Heroes tutorial application, but built in React for comparison. This project uses React Slingshot as a quick framework for getting started, so check out React Slingshot's docs for a full overview of the React stack involved.

I built this as part of my research for this post: Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood

For comparison, check out the Angular 2 version.

##Get Started

  1. npm install
  2. npm start

##To Build npm run build

#How does this differ from the Angular 2 version?

  1. I used ES6 with Babel instead of TypeScript since that's included in the starter kit I selected. TypeScript isn't very popular in the React community anyway.
  2. I used Sass instead of embedding the styles in the component. Of course, I could have embedded the styles in the component via JSON if desired.
  3. The dev experience supports hot reloading via Redux and react-transform-hmr. Note that you can save changes to files and they're reflected immediately in the browser without requiring a refresh so you don't lose your client-side state. Nice. I'm not aware of an equivalent experience for Angular 2 yet. If you are, please let me know.
  4. It's much smaller. The built version is 151k compared to Angular 2's 764k.