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Cosanlab Singularity Analysis Container

This is a Singularity spec file that can be used to build a container and run on Dartmouth's Discovery HPC cluster. It is a Docker -> Singularity bootstrap of our analysis container

You can either:

  1. Copy the built singularity image from Discovery, located at /ihome/ejolly
  2. Pull the container from Singularity-Hub singularity pull shub://cosanlab/cosanToolsSingularity:master
  3. Build/modify the container from scratch

Building a container from scratch with this repo

You'll need a local machine with sudo privileges and singularity installed. If you're running OSX you can follow the directions here to get a vagrant VM running to do this. Then proceed with:

#on your local machine with sudo privileges
sudo singularity create --size 8000 myContainer.img

#Singularity in the command below is the spec file in this repo, adjust path accordingly
sudo singularity bootstrap myContainer.img Singularity

#You might need to copy the .img out of your vagrant vm first if you're using one; by default /vagrant is shared with your host OS
scp myContainer.img

#on discovery, from ~
module load singularity
singularity run myContainer.img

singularity exec ./myContainer.img someCommand

#to mount a folder with data
singularity exec -B /path/to/data:/mnt ./myContainer someCommand


HPC friendly Python + Neuroimaging analysis container environment



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