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The plonesocial.* group of packages has become ploneintranet.

Plone Intranet features a complete redesign and re-implementation of the front-end user interface of plonesocial. The backend is largely unchanged but extended with new features: liking updates, personalized tagging.

Work on the ploneintranet code base is sponsored by the Plone Intranet Consortium, a group of companies dedicated to delivering the leading open source digital workplace platform, based on Plone. Have a look, you'll like it. It's 100% open source.


Plonesocial and Plone Intranet are initiatives by Cosent.

This repository is maintained frozen for developers who have made forks for use in their own projects. If you're one of those developers and are interested in upgrading to Plone Intranet, please contact Cosent.

Please note that commits after August 2014 are part of the ploneintranet rewrite, before plonesocial.* got merged into ploneintranet.*.