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0.4 (2012-10-09)
* update docs [gyst]
* fix dependency [gyst]
* reindent for better pep8 [gyst]
* more styling [gyst]
* catch unresolvable brains [gyst]
* tune styling [gyst]
* document mentions todo [gyst]
* integrate microblog status form into @@stream [gyst]
* refactor and protect against errors on microblog uninstall [gyst]
* provide tag and userid filters API on stream_provider [gyst]
* provide consistency with @@profile [gyst]
* implement tag view as traversal, not getarg [gyst]
* GS name [gyst]
* extract activity stream rendering to a reusable provider [gyst]
* provide standalone @@stream view and @@stream_provider (noop for now) [gyst]
* rename activity_contentprovider -> activity_provider [gyst]
* encapsulate the portlet-manager-viewlet based activitystream_portal view [gyst]
* expose and filter on hashtags [gyst]
* show content tags [gyst]
* bump version [gyst]
0.3.3 (2012-08-13)
* arghh. Date is not a DateTime. Sort on max(effective, modified) instead. Refs #1. [gyst]
0.3.2 (2012-08-13)
* sort on Date, fixes #1: effective 1-1-1000 sorting bug [gyst]
0.3.1 (2012-05-29)
* fix i18n regression [gyst]
0.3 (2012-05-21)
* update changelog, readme [gyst]
* use defined accesscontrol, fix portletmanager rename [gyst]
* simplify package layout [gyst]
* extract activity rendering into contentprovider/adapter [gyst]
* activity type filters [gyst]
* adapterize activity stream data structures [gyst]
* tune i18n [gyst]
* switch from annotationstorage to a utility [gyst]
* move separate ZODB shard documentation to plonesocial.microblog [gyst]
* clean up view logic [gyst]
* credit Maurits [gyst]
* refactored storage backend [gyst]
* extract content model to plonesocial.microblog [gyst]
* enable fake data insertion / fix date bug [gyst]
* Added Poi response-like Activities. [maurits]
* Some sample code for using an extra ZODB. [maurits]
* bump version [gyst]
0.2 (2012-05-04)
* update doc [gyst]
* rename primary view in anticipation of other views in the future [gyst]
* make portlet automatically assignable [gyst]
* get rid of src dir indirection [gyst]
* delegate commentActions translations to p.a.d. [gyst]
* provide i18n for nl [gyst]
* sort on effective; fix date bug; tune styling [gyst]
* force inner aquisition to be safe [gyst]
* pixeltune [gyst]
* tune css [gyst]
* restrict activitystream viewlet to activitystream view, and update doc [gyst]
* backport manageportlets link [gyst]
* Revert "extracted standalone stream view to plonesocial.suite" [gyst]
* sort on created not modified [gyst]
* provide "compact" rendering option [gyst]
* tune doc [gyst]
* update documentation [gyst]
* add basic CSS [gyst]
* prototype implementation of activitystream [gyst]
* rename portletmanager viewlet [gyst]
* provide activitystream portlet [gyst]
* extracted standalone stream view to plonesocial.suite [gyst]
* wrap the portletmanager within the viewlet, register on SiteRoot only [gyst]
* add portletmanager [gyst]
* (empty) activity stream view for homepage [gyst]
0.1dev (unreleased)
* initial checkin from ZopeSkel [gyst]
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