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+The plonesocial.* group of packages has become ploneintranet_.
+Plone Intranet features a complete redesign and re-implementation of the
+front-end user interface of plonesocial. The backend is largely unchanged
+but extended with new features: liking updates, personalized tagging.
-The PloneSocial suite is an integrated set of social business add-ons for Plone.
+Work on the ploneintranet `code base`_ is sponsored by the
+`Plone Intranet Consortium`_, a group of companies dedicated to delivering
+the leading open source digital workplace platform, based on Plone.
+Have a look, you'll like it. It's 100% open source.
-PloneSocial provides a full microblogging solution,
-including activity streams, user profiles and follow/unfollow functionality.
-This package is targeted at end-users and integrators.
-This is the integration package for all the various plonesocial.* packages
-into a single consistent user experience that's easy to install.
+Plonesocial and Plone Intranet are initiatives by Cosent_.
+This repository is maintained frozen for developers who have made forks
+for use in their own projects. If you're one of those developers and are
+interested in upgrading to Plone Intranet, please contact Cosent_.
-This package is maintained by Cosent_.
+Please note that commits after August 2014 are part of the ploneintranet
+rewrite, before plonesocial.* got merged into ploneintranet.*.
+.. _ploneintranet:
+.. _code base:
+.. _Plone Intranet Consortium:
.. _Cosent:
.. |Cosent| image::
:alt: Cosent
-Build status (harmless)
-Robot tests for Plone Social and Plone Intranet
-.. image::
- :target:
-.. image::
- :target:
-.. image::
- :target:
-Add the ``plonesocial.suite`` egg to your buildout::
- [instance]
- eggs =
- Zope2
- Plone
- plonesocial.suite
-Run the buildout.
-Install "Plonesocial Suite" via the Quickinstaller.
-`plonesocial.theme`_ provides a Bootstrap based Diazo theme which is activated by the default setup profile.
-If you want the Plonesocial backend components, but not the theme, do not install plonesocial.suite
-but instead install the separate backend components. It's a pluggable system.
-If you need some demo content to play with, you can run the
-"Plonesocial Suite (demo)" profile from GenericSetup.
-The demo profile creates a number of fake users that interact on the site.
-Demo users all have the same password for testing purposes.
-Do *not* install the demo profile into a production site.
-Features and Roadmap
-Ponesocial.suite provides:
-* microblog status updates
-* personal profile with follow/unfollow
- - and following/followers social graph views
-* activitystream, with integrated:
- - status updates
- - content creation
- - discussion replies
- - hashtag support
- - filter by "following"
-* multi-workspace support for microblogging and activitystreams
-* (optional) a Bootstrap based Diazo theme.
-The slideshow_ of the PloneSocial roadmap presentation at Plone Open Garden 2012 is available on Slideshare.
-An extensive roadmap_ for the plonesocial suite is available on github.
-Plonesocial consists of:
- An out-of-the-box social business experience integrating all of the plonesocial.* packages.
- If you're an end user, this is what you're looking for.
- It installs and integrates all of the following components automatically.
- Status updates.
- Lists content changes, discussion replies, and status updates.
- Follow/unfollow of users.
- Bootstrap theme.
- Favoriting of content. Planned.
- Developer buildout. Not a Python package. Intended for Plonesocial developers only.
-.. _plonesocial.suite:
-.. _plonesocial.microblog:
-.. _plonesocial.activitystream:
-.. _plonesocial.theme:
-.. _plonesocial.buildout:
-.. _slideshow:
-.. _roadmap:

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