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App start up
  1. Do git clone and normal start up tasks
  2. Create a new heroku app
  3. Register the new app with facebook and update new facebook data in app (see below)
  5. Create new test accounts with paypal (see below)

Desired work flow

  1. user comes to site via facebook link on newsfeed about friend donating (or via unicef account trying to get people on board,
     in which case there's no friend)
  2. user is shown how much friend has raised total, and asked to donate to help the friend raise more (and a smaller link to skip this step)
  3. user donates via paypal
  4. user is thanked on the 'thank you' page, and asked to spread the word (through social media) to try and raise more than friends have raised

  #Current Functionality
    - user comes to site and must sign in first  (using a button which may violate facebook terms of use)
    - A link become visible which allows the user to donate
    - A simulated ipn from paypal causes a donation to be created (also a simulated donation (from within app) causes a donation to be created
    - The leaderboard reflects created donations
    - Upon making a donation through paypal the user is redirected to a 'thank you' page

    Task 1) Improve strategy for user work flow
    Task 2  Improve functionality to spec
    Task 3) Install Cucumber tests to represent BDD

Facebook specs
  The desired functionality is for this app to integrate seamlessly as a facebook app.  However, the facebook app may need to redirect
  to the standalone website.

  #Current functionality
    You can sign into the site using facebook
    To re-establish facebook sign-in
      1. Create a facebook app
        -Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click "Create New App"
        -Follow through with registration and find App name, ID, secret
      2. Update registration information into initializers/facebook.rb

      Seamless integration with facebook

  #Facebook Notes:
     - Use options for facebook registration called 'website' and 'app on facebook' for extended functionality
     - Within index.html.haml there is associated functionality labeled "Donate via broken Facebook App"

'King of the mountain' Gamification
  The idea is to have a competition among facebook friends to see who can get the most donations on the leaderboard, this donation-count
  is composed of the money they personally donate, plus the money that friends-whom-they-refer donate

  #Current functionality
    The leaderboard is operating correctly upon donation creation

  #Needed functionality
    Currently, a successful paypal donation double-credits the donator with both the donation amount AND the referrer credit amount
    So must work through logic for assigning credit to an optional referrer (:fundraiser).  This necessarily involves paypal.

Paypal spec

  #Current Functionality
     A simulated ipn does successfully post to the app, the app creates the donation and the donation is incremented
     for the user of the donation token.

     Task 1) Ensure that the actual donate button is sending an ipn
     Task 2) Work through issues stemming from 'real' ipn (not simulated) -  will involve the form on donate.html.haml
     Task 3) Ensure that the amount sent to paypal is the amount showing up as the donation amount

  #Paypal notes to test current functionality
     - All testing is done using simulated accounts through paypal sandbox which is https://www.sandbox.paypal.com,
     when going live, new 'real' accounts are created and the paypal server being posted-to is changed to https://www.paypal.com
     - Be aware that paypal server may be down and giving out 'Bad Request' for free.

     1. Sign up for developer account (https://developer.paypal.com/devscr?cmd=_signup-run) and sign in
     2. Create buyer and seller test accounts
        - click "Test Accounts" in nav-bar to the left -> https://developer.paypal.com/cgi-bin/devscr?cmd=_sandbox-acct-session)
        - click 'preconfigured' for a new test account  -> https://developer.paypal.com/cgi-bin/devscr?cmd=_create-account-session
        - etc ... need to go through process twice to create a buyer and seller account from these pages
    3. Once buyer/seller created, need to set up the Seller account
        - go to "Test Accounts" page of https://developer.paypal.com/devscr
        - radio-button-click the seller account and hit the big yellow button "Enter Sandman Test Suite"
    4. Enable ipn notification
        - In the sandbox console, on the right hand side under Selling Preferences, click on the IPN Notifications link
        - Enable the ipn notification with the url to @your_heroku_address/ipn
    6. Enable redirect/return so that after paypal process, paypal will redirect the user back to the app
        - In the sanbox console, on the right hand side under Selling Preferences, click on website selling preferences link
        - Find correct field and set redirect/return to @your_heroku_address/thanks
    7.  Set ipn url and transation type in the ipn simulator
        - Back in https://developer.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/devscr (not in the sandbox console), click 'Test Tools'->IPN simulator
        - Enter @your_heroku_address/ipn for the url and 'Cart checkout' for transaction type.  (Cart checkout may be not the best choice)
    8.  Set donation_token in simulated ipn form
       - Get the app current_user's donate_token string.  It can be found as a param in the browser-url-location-field after clicking the 'donate' button
         from the app homepage. It will be something like b4jszt0keu
       - Copy/Paste this token string into the 'custom' field within the form for the IPN simulator (near the very bottom of the form).
    9.  Run the simulated ipn
    10. Check simulated ipn
       - In terminal, do 'heroku logs' command which should show the post to /ipn
       - On homepage, refresh page and the current_user's donations should be incremented