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Latest commit a3f3222 Feb 24, 2011 Cosimo Streppone Added minimal IPv6 support to Geo::IP
This only provides country_code_by_addr_v6() and ip_by_addr_v6()
support. Boris Zentner, Geo::IP maintainer has been working on IPv6
support. His code is more complete but not released to CPAN yet.
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lib/Geo Added minimal IPv6 support to Geo::IP Feb 24, 2011
Changes Added minimal IPv6 support to Geo::IP Feb 24, 2011
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This module a simple file-based database.  This database simply contains
IP blocks as keys, and countries as values.  The data contains all
public IP addresses and should be more
complete and accurate than reverse DNS lookups.

This module can be used to automatically select the geographically closest mirror,
or to analyze your web server logs to determine the countries of your visiters.

To install, see the INSTALL file.

MaxMind offers a subscription to database updates, where your systems can
be keep up to date by running geoipupdate program included in the C API
as a cronjob.  This subscription also includes a enhanced database which
is more accurate, and contains information on anonymous proxies, and satellite
providers.  For more information see:
For more information on the GeoIP City, ISP and other databases, see:

Copyright (c) 2007, MaxMind LLC

All rights reserved.  This package is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.