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Revision history for Perl extension Plack
0.9023 Thu Dec 17 13:16:38 PST 2009
- Document the use of Plack:: namespace
- Use safer Unicode characters in tests to silence warnings #66
- Plack::Util::load_psgi now takes a class name as well. Added notes about the security of its use
- Set default host in MockHTTP and keep them if explicitly set (nihen)
0.9022 Sun Dec 13 10:53:01 PST 2009
- Added more assertions to Middleware::Lint
- Added a new test to test big HTTP header, which reeals the FCGI::Client bug (zrail, tokuhirom)
- plackup -e now automatically loads Plack::Builder
- Fixed fcgi tests (tokuhirom)
- Fixed Test::MockHTTP to make 500 response when the app died
- Fixed a memory leak in StackTrace when WithLexicals is used (chiba, Sartak)
- Fixed Middleware::ConditionalGET to deal with stupid IE headers (chiba)
- Fixed lots of typos (Sartak)
0.9021 Tue Dec 8 14:29:08 PST 2009
- Doc patches to Plack about CONTRIBUTING (stevan)
- Remove Class::Accessor::Fast and added Plack::Util::Accessor (stevan)
- Added Plack::Component the common base class for both App:: and Middleware (stevan)
- Plack::Test test_psgi now accepts $app, $client in positional args
- Plack::Test client callback can now omit host names like $cb->(GET "/")
0.9020 Mon Dec 7 10:38:37 GMT 2009
- Fixed a test (psgibin.t) failure in case sensitive filesystem
- Fixed a warning in Plack::Util::header_set
0.9019 Sun Dec 6 05:56:30 GMT 2009
- Fixed a bug in Plack::Util::header_set when to clear multiple headers (chiba)
- Added Plack::App::CGIBin that runs cgi-bin scripts as a PSGI application
- Added Plack::App::PSGIBin that loads .psgi files from local filesystem
0.9018 Thu Dec 3 00:48:04 PST 2009
- Allow Plack::Middleware->new to accept plain hashes
- Added Plack::App::Cascade to create a compound apps that cascade requests
- Added POE backend to benchmarks/
- Implemented Plack::Server::Apache[12]->preload to preload apps in <Perl> or startup file
0.9017 Sun Nov 29 17:33:36 JST 2009
- Fixed more tests that fail on Win32 (charsbar)
0.9016 Sun Nov 29 16:39:40 JST 2009
- removed Middleware::Deflater from the dist.
- Fixed Standalone so as not to use Time::HiRes::Alarm on Win32 systems (charsbar, kazuho)
- Fixed App::File to set file path using forward slashes on Win32 (charsbar) #49
0.9015 Thu Nov 26 17:31:33 JST 2009
- Fixed a bug in URLMap where $env is shallow copied and some middleware don't work
- Added -e and -M to plackup
- plackup -r with args (directories to watch) is deprecated. Use -R instead
- plackup foo.psgi now DWIMs. -a (--app) continues to work
- Optimizaitons to Middleware and docs to explicitly call to_app because overloading happens
every request and is inefficient.
- The abilitiy to auto-select server backends for POE/AnyEvent/Coro is restored. Doesn't work with -r though. #50
- Display server package name in the Standalone/Prefork startup
- Fixed a bug in Plack::Test::MockHTTP where $res doesn't return the request (teejay)
- Fixed a bug in URLMap where requests to / fails in some cases (chiba)
0.9014 Fri Nov 20 21:51:47 PST 2009
- Updated docs for Standalone keep-alive options
- Added Auth::Basic middleware
- Fixed dependencies and MakeMaker issues in the archive
0.9013 Wed Nov 18 18:26:31 PST 2009
- Disable keep-alive in Standalone by default (kazuho, frew)
- Fixed a bug in Standalone where 'timeout' property is ignored in the first request (kazuho)
- Fixed a documentation bug in Middleware::Conditional (confound, scook)
0.9012 Tue Nov 17 13:38:38 PST 2009
- Added Middleware::Conditional and enable_if DSL for dynamic builder (scook)
0.9011 Thu Nov 12 03:53:28 PST 2009
- Added Apache1 support (Aaron Trevena)
0.9010 Wed Nov 11 23:18:37 PST 2009
- You can now omit Plack::Middleware:: in Builder DSL's enable()
0.9009 Sat Nov 7 20:43:17 PST 2009
- Fixed dependencies for tests
0.9008 Tue Oct 27 14:15:28 PDT 2009
- Removed optional deps from Makefile.PL and moved them to Task::Plack (mst)
- Make some middleware deps as required to make it simple, for now
0.9007 Sat Oct 24 17:41:33 PDT 2009
- Fixed Server::CGI to really inline fuctions to avoid warnings
- Fixed Middleware::AccessLog to let %{..}t strftime log format work (beppu)
- Fixed a flush bug in gzip encoding in Middleware::Deflater
- Fixed a bug in Middleware::AccessLog so POSIX strftime always works in English (fayland)
- Added Middleware::ContentMD5 (Fayland)
- Fixed plackup -r to actually reload the application code (robinsmidsrod)
0.9006 Fri Oct 23 01:21:13 PDT 2009
- Support streaming interface in most middlewares
- Added Middleware::Deflater (not recommended to use: see POD)
- Document FCGI configuration in Server::FCGI pod (dhoss)
- Inline Plack::Util functions in Server::CGI to speed up (mst)
0.9005 Wed Oct 21 20:53:19 PDT 2009
- Switch to Filesys::Notify::Simple to watch directory to trim down deps
- Made some dependencies optional since they're actually optional
0.9004 Tue Oct 20 22:57:48 PDT 2009
- Fixed File::ShareDir dependency (mst)
- App::File and Middleware::Static now auto follows symlinks (chiba)
- Implemented plackup -r as Plack::Loader::Reloadable (nothingmuch)
- Removed poll_cb from Writer middleware
- Added plackup common command line options: -o for --host and -p for --port
0.9003 Sun Oct 18 19:16:26 PDT 2009
- Added POE to Plack::Loader autoload
- Implemented callback style streaming in selected middlewares
- Bump up HTTP::Parser::XS to fix memory leaks
- Added Middleware::Chunked
- Added Middleware::JSONP
- Added twitter-stream.psgi example to do streaming server push
- Fixed Middleware::StackTrace to DWIM in framework generated 500 errors
- Fixed Restarter to do what doc says
0.9002 Wed Oct 14 11:26:28 PDT 2009
- Added a workaround in Server::Apache2 when Location and SCRIPT_NAME don't match
- Use Try::Tiny and parent for smaller memory footprint and better error handling
0.9001 Tue Oct 13 00:55:34 PDT 2009
- Downgrade EUMM in inc/
0.9000 Tue Oct 13 00:14:01 PDT 2009
- original version