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Astrid API Library - libraries for writing add-ons to Astrid -

This code is licensed under the New BSD License (see LICENSE)

Note that this is a beta release of the API - things may (and probably will) change from now until the official release. Documentation is also being written.

If you are planning on using this project, make sure to watch it for changes. Your feedback is also appreciated.

Getting Started With Development

  1. Install the following: • gitEclipse (preferred: Eclipse IDE for Java Developers) • Android SDK - version 0.9.7 of Eclipse ADT is required

  2. Use git to clone this repository (see Github's instructions if you need help).

2b. mkdir libs (in case your Android SDK is not up to date)

  1. Open up eclipse and import the astridApi project.

  2. If you are creating a new add-on for Astrid, create a new project in eclipse • in the Android tab of the project, indicate astridApi as a library reference

  3. Check out the wiki and javadoc


For support requests, use the Astrid issue tracker. For development questions, contact timsu via e-mail.

Astrid also has an IRC channel, irc.freenode.net #astrid