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Revision history Bot::BasicBot
- Ignore empty strings returned by said()
- Adjust the method documentation a bit to avoid confusion
- Added the notice() method to send IRC notices.
Useful when implementing bots.
0.83 Fri Nov 5 12:40:00 CET 2010
- Applied patch from Mario Domgörgen to use log() for warnings (RT #51804)
- Only ignore said() when it returns undef/empty list, not false
- got_names was never getting called. Fixed that.
- Skip connect.t for now. I should rewrite it to use poco-server-irc...
0.82 Wed Nov 3 02:09:36 GMT 2010
- Maintainership moved from cpan:TOMI to cpan:HINRIK
- Use POE::Component::IRC's Connector plugin to handle reconnects. This
fixes the endless reconnect loop when trying to shut down the bot
- Kill subprocesses (e.g. those created by forkit()) on shutdown
- Migrate distribution to Dist::Zilla
- Eliminate bogus "NAMES HASH(0x1234567)" queries the bot was making after
joining a channel
0.81 2009/01/26
- Implement remove_from_all_channels, you idiot. Sigh.
0.80 2009/01/22
- Understand quit messages -
- Fix the ->name method on the bot to actually return something sensible -
- Try to avoid zombie children on forking -
0.70 2006/06/11
- Updates for new PoDo::IRC
- No longer do 2 server connects on startup
- the connect test doesn't break itself by faking a connection first
0.65 2005/08/11
- Added raw_nick support and a tiny amount of documentation
- Support for SSL, contributed by Bradley M. Kuhn <>
0.61 2005/05/13
- Fix for the odd behaviour of freenode - we ask the server for the time
periodically to catch servers that don't send pings.
0.60 2005/03/21
- Charset support
- use Text::Wrap to split up really long responses, instead of a
nasty regexp, so we split on spaces properly.
0.50 2004/12/01 (revision 1366)
- Real (almost) tests
- Nick (and op/voice status) tracking
- Quiet some warnings
0.31 2004/03/16 (revision 643)
- Fixed 'addressing' typo, thanks Earle
- Fixed annoying errors for logging
- Fixed stupid bug where the return value of said wasn't getting said.
How can I not have noticed?
- if you don't return true from init, be more helpful.
- if help doesn't return true, don't say anything
- Made SYNOPSIS clearer
0.30 2003/01/02
- Randomized name so you can run more than one at once in one POE session
- Log a lot less.
- Be more aggressive about reconnecting to the server
- Put reconnect stand-offs into a lot more places, so we get less confused.
- Made reconnect timeout changable
- Added a NINJA
Changes to 0.25 (released 31st August 2003) not available.