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This is a CPAN distribution of the venerable MakeMaker module. It has been
backported to work with Perl 5.005_03 and up.
If you do not have a make program, several can be found...
Most Unixen: The make utility which comes with your operating system
should work fine. If you don't have one, GNU make is recommended,
most others (Sun, BSD, etc...) will work fine as well. GNU make
Windows: nmake or dmake will work. GNU make will *not*. nmake dmake
VMS: MMS or the free MadGoat MaKe utility (MMK) will work. MMK
If all else fails there is a pure Perl version of make available on
CPAN which should work on most Unixen. pmake
PLEASE NOTE: This distribution does not include the xsubpp or typemap
programs. They are extremely specific to your version or Perl, so
MakeMaker will simply use the one which came with your copy of Perl.
Do not delete your old ExtUtils/ directory. An upgraded version of xsubpp
can be found in the ExtUtils::ParseXS module.
Known Good Systems:
Every stable MakeMaker release is tested at least on:
ActivePerl on Windows
Covering the major portability flavors MakeMaker has to cover.
(I'm always on the lookout for DJGPP, Solaris, *BSD and OS/2 users)
Known Problems:
(See for a full list of open problems.)
Windows will likely be broken if Perl is installed in C:\Program Files or
other prefix with a space in the name.
Using the MMS utility on VMS causes lots of extra newlines. Unknown
why this is so, might be a bug in MMS. Problem not seen with MMK.
GNU make does not work with MakeMaker on Windows.
Please report any bugs via
Send questions and discussion to