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Version 1.7:
Released 1.7 on March 21th, 2009.
Fixes for 64-bit thread ids and SHOW GLOBAL syntax in MySQL 5.
(Finally resurrected this while working at
Version 1.6:
Released 1.6 on February 16th, 2007.
Added support for passwords with embedded spaces, thanks to patch
from Jeffrey Friedl.
Version 1.4:
Released 1.4 on August 3rd, 2003
Used junk query filter from Steven Roussey <>
Added a -prompt option so that you don't need to put the password on
the command-line or in a script. Patches from jon r. luini
<> and Sean Leach <>
Added -resolve support (convert ips to hostnames in thread view).
Patch from Yogish Baliga <>
Used an excellent patch from Per Andreas Buer <> to
tidy up the top display. This includes showing most values in short
form, such as 10k rather than 10000. It also fixed query cache hit
% calculation bugs.
Strip port numbbers from the IP addresses in thread view.
Added an "I" command to get at SHOW INNODB STATUS output. Needs
work in a future release.
Added experimental support for reading some options from the [mytop]
section of my.cnf or .my.cnf.
Various other cleanup and fixes.
Version 1.3:
Released 1.3 on April 17, 2003
Added a "c" command to switch between the thread view and "command
summary" view. The command summary pulls the Com_* values from SHOW
STATUS and summarizes them. The UI needs work and I welcome
feedback on how to improve it.
Fixed various bugs. Added regex support for filters. Added the
ability to [K]ill all threads owned by a particular user. Fixed
query cache hit rate computation.
Use the value of Com_select rather than Questions to calculate the
Qcache ratio. Only SELECT queries are candidates for the cache, so
this is far more accurate.
Released 1.2 on October 27, 2002.
Better handle the MySQL server going off-line (shouldn't die with
illegal division by zero errors anymore).
Suggestion from Jeremy Tinley <>:
* Make the Host column large enough to handle IP addresses.
Slightly change other field widths to compensate.
Add query cache stats. Formatting of the values should probably be
cleaned up more.
Not released.
Updated the option handling as suggested by Paul DuBois
<> so that --pass and --password both work. Also
noted that OS X is supported.
Released 1.0 on April 27, 2002.
Provided a fix for cases when we try remove the domain name from the
display even if it is actually an IP address.
Fixed a ton of formatting bugs and "use of uninitialized value"
Adjusted column widths and headings a bit to fit the common cases
that I usually see.
Added "Now/Sec" to the header, next to "Avg/Sec". The former is the
"real-time" queries per second since the last mytop refresh, while
the later is the queries per second since the server was last reset.
Added the `o' key to toggle the sort order.
Changed the `h' key to `H' for toggling the header.
Added the `h' key to filter based on hostname.
Changed the "Query Info" column to "Query or State" because if there
is no query running (like when a slave is replicating off the master
and you're watching the master), it'll show the state in that
The real-time queries/sec are computed using Time::HiRes if it is
available, making the numbers much more accurate.
Added the `e' key to EXPLAIN a query. It works a lot like the `f'
key to get the full SQL of a query. Also, if you're already looking
at the full SQL (having pressed `f'), you can hit `e' to get it
explained if you'd like.
The web site has moved to:
There is now a mailing list. See the web site for details. Or look
here to subscribe:
That's all.
Set $0 to `mytop' to make it easier to spot and to keep some of the
command-line args out of view.
Remembered to include the README in the distribution.
Added a "Queries Per Second" or qps mode. You can enter qps mode by
hitting the `m' key. In this mode, mytop will write out one integer
per second. The number written reflects the number of queries
executed by the server in the previous one second interval.
mytop is now distributed as a true Perl package. There's a normal
Makefile.PL, which means it can be installed via the standard
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
This should make life a bit easier. It also means that you could
install it using the CPAN shell.
Basic support for Windows. The screen clearing doesn't work (not
sure how to do that). But most everything else seems to be
functional there.
Some minor code cleanup.
Fixed some field widths to handle larger values.
Added -P command-line argument (to specify a port number).
Fixes to make mytop output better on small terminals.
Added `i' hotkey to toggle the display of Idle (sleeping) threads.
Other minor updates.
Updated documentation to reflect command-line arguments.
Added support for long and short command-line arguments.
Optional color support via Term::ANSIColor.
Added batch mode. In batch mode, mytop doesn't clear the screen and
only outputs data once. It's useful for running periodically and
capturing the data to a file. In batch mode, there is no limit to
the number of threads listed.
Fixed division by zero bug in key cache code.
Implemented the `r' keystroke to reset the status counters via a
If you resize your xterm, mytop now adapts somewhat well.
Implemented the `p' keystroke to pause the display.
Implemented the `h' keystroke to toggle the header.
Implemented the `k' keystroke to kill a thread.
Fixed various formatting bugs in not-so-rare cases.
Added more specific error messages from DBI on connect failure.
Added support for non-standard port numbers. But DBD::mysql seems to
ignore it. Try and see if it works for you. Doesn't for me on two
Fixed some spelling problems.
Suggestions from "Richard Ellerbrock" <>:
* If no host is specified, assume localhost.
* If no user is specified, assume root.
* Allow C-c to break.
* Better error handling and reporting on connect.
Suggestions from "William R. Mattil" <>:
* Allow blank password, by setting initial default to ''.
None. Initial release.