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| Device::Gsm INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS | 25/11/2008
Copyright 2002-2008 (C) Cosimo Streppone, <>
This is a perl module extension. If you don't know
what it means, please take the time to go to or
- a working perl installation (version 5.005+ recommended, although this
module has been reported to work also for 5.004)
- Device::Modem perl extension (possibly version >= 1.24)
Download this extension from []
- a GSM cellular phone or GSM modem. Various models have been
reported to work. Some of these are:
Nokia 6600 (19200)
Nokia 6310 (19200)
Nokia 3310 (19200)
Siemens C45 (19200)
Siemens S35 (19200)
Nokia Communicator (9600)
Falcom A2/Swing (9600)
Digicom GSM modems (9600)
If your GSM phone/modem is not reported in this little list, don't
despair. Most probably it will work without problems.
without a GSM phone/cellular connected to a serial port at your
choice, you will not be able to use this module in ANY useful way.
As with 99,9% of perl extensions, can be installed with:
- perl Makefile.PL
- make
- make test
- make install (normally, as super-user)
Have fun.
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