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| Device::Gsm perl extension |
Copyright 2002-2015 (C) Cosimo Streppone, <>
This is a perl module extension. If you don't know
what this means, please take the time to go to or
This module works as an interface to GSM phones or GSM modems
connected on your local serial ports.
It can control your GSM *standard* functions and status.
It can send SMS messages in a simple and convenient way.
It can read messages stored on your sim card.
It does not use free internet web portals to send SMS.
If you want to send SMS, you must have your mobile phone
or GSM OEM module and a sim card connected to either
serial, irda or bluetooth ports.
- a working perl installation (version 5.005+ recommended, although this
module has been reported to work also for 5.004)
- Device::Modem perl extension (possibly version >= 1.30)
Download this extension from []
- Device::Modem, in turn, requires Device::SerialPort (for unix-like systems)
or Win32::SerialPort (on Win32 systems) to communicate with serial port.
Download these extensions from []
or []
- a GSM cellular phone or GSM modem. Various models have been
reported to work. Some of these are:
Nokia 6600 (19200 baud)
Nokia 6310 (19200 baud)
Nokia 3310 (19200 baud)
Siemens C45 (19200 baud)
Siemens S35 (19200 baud)
Iridium Satellite (19200 baud)
Nokia Communicator (9600 baud)
Falcom A2/Swing (9600 baud)
Digicom GSM modems (9600 baud)
If your GSM phone/modem is not reported in this little list, don't
despair. Most probably it will work without problems.
without a GSM phone/cellular connected to a serial port at your
choice, you will not be able to use this module in ANY useful way.
I normally test it with both Linux and Win32 and
it works equally well. It is known to work also on Solaris,
FreeBSD, NetBSD (packaged with NetBSD perl installation
as Feb 2003), OpenBSD and Commodore 64 eventually :-)
As with 99,9% of perl extensions, can be installed with:
- perl Makefile.PL
- make
- make test
- make install (normally, as super-user)
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
Additionally, this is BETA software, so use it at your own risk,
and without ANY warranty!
Have fun.