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# $Id: plurals.t,v 1.1 2005/10/17 22:14:52 evdb Exp $
# Copyright 2005. Distributed under the same licence as Perl itself.
# Author: Edmund von der Burg <>
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More 'no_plan';
use File::Slurp;
use_ok 'Locale::PO';
my $pos = Locale::PO->load_file_asarray("t/plurals.pot");
ok $pos, "loaded plurals.pot file";
my $out = $pos->[0]->dump;
ok $out, "dumped po object";
ok Locale::PO->save_file_fromarray( "t/plurals.pot.out", $pos ), "save to file";
ok -e "t/plurals.pot.out", "the file now exists";
"found no matches - good"
&& unlink 't/plurals.pot.out';
{ # Check that the plurals can be created in code.
my $po = Locale::PO->new(
-msgid => '%d test',
-msgid_plural => '%d tests',
-msgstr_n => { 0 => '%d TEST', 1 => '%d TESTS' },
ok $po, "object created.";
my $expected = join "\n", 'msgid "%d test"', 'msgid_plural "%d tests"',
'msgstr[0] "%d TEST"', 'msgstr[1] "%d TESTS"', '', '';
is $po->dump, $expected, "check the output";
# try to edit the plurals in the code.
ok $po->msgstr_n( { 1 => '%d TeStS' } ),
"change the value of a plurals translation";
$expected =~ s/TESTS/TeStS/;
is $po->dump, $expected, "check the output";
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