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Revision history for Net::Prober
0.12 - Mon Jan 13 11:27:00 Europe/Oslo 2014
Fixed t/http.t tests failing due to a change in the remote website being
tested (multiple cpan testers reports).
0.11 - Tue Jan 7 09:35:00 Europe/Oslo 2014
Fixed t/tcp.t and t/port-names.t test failures on Windows platform:
0.10 - Mon Jan 6 17:05:00 Europe/Oslo 2014
Added arbitrary HTTP method probing, with POST requests support,
including request body and HTTP headers.
0.09 - Fri Nov 29 11:03:01 Europe/Oslo 2013
Added "up_status_re" option (regular expression) to HTTP probe class,
to allow custom regular expressions when matching against response HTTP
status to determine good health. F.ex. this allows for 404 responses to
be considered good health indicators (host up rather than down).
Added a "reason" value in the HTTP probe results, so you can consult it to
know why an HTTP probe failed. Note that this is only available for
HTTP probes for now.
0.08 - Sat Mar 9 12:06:20 Europe/Oslo 2013
Disabled log to syslog by default by popular demand.
Seems a more sensible default.
0.07 - Mon Aug 6 15:50:55 Europe/Oslo 2012
Net::Prober now requires perl 5.10.0, which was released in 2007.
Fixed icmp probing on Win32 when user has no admin powers.
Thanks to CPAN testers once again!
0.06 - Tue Jul 17 09:22:19 Europe/Oslo 2012
Changed 'proto' to 'protocol' in the probe arguments (...)
Changed default ping protocol when you don't have
superuser privileges. tcp pings in most cases report
hosts down incorrectly.
IMAP probing through SSL doesn't work at the moment.
0.05 - Wed Oct 26 16:10:36 Europe/Oslo 2011
Fixed a flapping test in t/http.t due to some changes
in the tested website content.
0.04 - Sun Jul 31 09:49:44 Europe/Oslo 2011
Fixed a port name conversion test failure on Solaris.
Thanks to CPAN testers report by Jost Krieger:
0.03 - Sat May 21 09:39:01 Australia/Melbourne 2011
Removed all '//' operator usage to make the
module work on perl < 5.10
0.02 - Thu May 19 20:38:58 Australia/Melbourne 2011
Make sure probe_http() returns "ok" as "0" or "1"
and not blank. That happened for connection refused
errors for example.
0.01 - Thu May 19 09:25:01 Australia/Melbourne 2011
First CPAN release
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