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use 5.010;
use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use Test::Statsd;
use Test::More;
plan tests => 4;
my $t = Test::Statsd->new({
binary => $ENV{STATSD_BINARY} // "$Bin/../../bin/statsd",
config => $ENV{STATSD_CONFIG} // "$Bin/../config/testConfig.js",
my $test_value = 100;
$t->send_udp(localhost=>40001, "a_test_value:${test_value}|c");
# Will wait until it receives the graphite flush
my $stats = $t->wait_and_collect_flush_data();
ok($stats, "Should receive some data");
$stats = $t->hashify($stats);
is($stats->{"stats.statsd.numStats"} => 3,
"Got the one metric that was fired");
my $flush_interval = 1000; # ms
my $expected_rate = ($test_value / ($flush_interval / 1000));
ok($stats->{"stats.counters.a_test_value.rate"} == $expected_rate,
"Rate of counter is calculated according to flushInterval");
ok($stats->{"stats.counters.a_test_value.count"} == $test_value,
"Counter cumulative value should be the sum of all values sent");
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