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would you accept patches to work on 5.8? #4

rjbs opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I know, I know. 5.8 is so ancient! I loathe using it.

Still, if statsd would run nicely under 5.8, I could deploy it really easily to some of our more ... interesting boxes. I'd be happy to provide a pull request for this, if you tell me it will be okay with you.

It looks like it's mostly some // operators to be replaced.

Thanks very much for your time!


Ouch, I read this only now.
Of course I would consider integrating a 5.8-related patch.


Thanks. In the mean time, I've begun using pystatsd, but might like to switch back, as I've encountered some bugs that neither I nor the other devs can sort out yet.

Unfortunately, I seem to recall that even having sorted out 5.8 compat, I couldn't get Net::Statsd::Server to work on Solaris. Still, I'll give it another look!


It would be interesting to get Solaris-related feedback.


My perl-5.8 branch now passes on 5.8. I see some warning that I'm not sure about (the test suite is quite noisy) like:

Couldn't set SO_RCVBUF: No buffer space available at /export/home/rjbs/tmp/perl5-net-statsd-server/bin/../lib/Net/Statsd/ line 713.

Still, this is a start. It passes tests on Solaris. I have not yet tried using it to really pass along data.


Merged into master and going out on CPAN as 0.13 as we speak.
Thanks Ricardo.
BTW, do you have any idea why PodWeaver complains about "File too large" when doing a "dzil build"?
I had to disable it for the time being.

@cosimo cosimo closed this
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