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Cache::Memcached Build Status

Perl6 client for memcached a distributed caching daemon.


  use Cache::Memcached;

  my $memd = Cache::Memcached.new;

  $memd.set("my_key", "Some value");

  $memd.incr("key", 2);

Or you can use it as an Associative type:

use Cache::Memcached;

my $memd = Cache::Memcached.new;

$memd<my_key> = "Some value";
say $memd<my_key>;


This provides an interface to the memcached daemon. You will need to have access to a memcached server to be able to use it.

Currently there is no support for compression or the serialization of structured objects (though both could be provided by the agency of external modules.)


Assuming you have a working Rakudo Perl 6 installation you should be able to install this with zef :

# From the source directory

zef install .

# Remote installation

zef install Cache::Memcached

There should be no reason that it won't work with any new installer that may come along in the future.


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at