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! PhpWikiToMediaWikiManual
!! Introduction
This tool can help you quickly convert a phpwiki page into a mediawiki page.
It's not a batch tool, but it can assist you build one.
!! Requirements
It requires php5 to run.
Usually the =php5-cli= package is all you need.
sudo aptitude install php5-cli
!! How it works
It reads the phpwiki page content from STDIN, and outputs the content converted
to mediawiki format to STDOUT.
!!! Example
$ php5 ./phpwiki2mediawiki.php < Sample.phpwiki > Sample.mediawiki
No additional format checks are done.
If the format is not phpwiki, then you're basically screwed.
It helped me at least.
Good luck!
!! Where does this come from?
It comes from another phpwiki-to-mediawiki conversion tool I've seen
on the Internetz, plus a few more bonus fixes thrown in.
Here's the original source of inspiration:
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