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rtail - irssi-style local and remote file tailer


rtail --user root --file <filename> [--file <filename> ...]

<filename> can be either:

a local filename

Ex.: /var/log/messages

a remote filename, ssh-like syntax

Ex.: <hostname>:<local-file-path>


rtail = tail + ssh + irc means that rtail is a irssi-like console application to tail many local and remote files together.

Irc-style commands like /grep <regex> allow to search and highlight given patterns in the stream of tailed log files that are coming from "the tubes".

More commands are planned.


This tool started from my frustration in combing production log files from many different servers at the same time.


The basic prototype is functional and usable. The only commands right now are /quit and /grep.

I plan to expand this to allow arbitrary sources of data like tcpflow for example. That would be awesome.

The future's just a few night hacking sessions away :)


Cosimo Streppone,