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= Ubiquity for Opera, the Extension =

An attempt to rewrite Firefox's Ubiquity extension
for Opera using Extensions.

== Help ==


== How to use ==

The first time you install the extension, it should
open a help window, if your popup blocker doesn't
block it...

Then, open a new tab, say "http://www.opera.com",
and press "CTRL + SHIFT + U", and start typing a command.

The default shortcut sucks.
The problem is that CTRL + space, the default Ubiquity
shortcut, in Opera is already assigned to the

I couldn't find a way to override that in the extension,
and I didn't want people to *have* to fiddle with it
to use the extension, so... CTRL + SHIFT + U it is.

== Commands ==

There's many. You can see them as you type.

To search for Videos on YouTube, for example,
type "youtube <search-term>", as in "youtube dramatic chipmunk".
Press ENTER, and you will see the results.

== Problems ==

The Ubiquity popup window doesn't open on some sites.
This was acknowledged as a bug in Opera, but I'm not sure.

== Improvements ==

This thing can be improved a lot of course,
but I didn't have time...

* Implement a preferences popup/window, so one can choose
  the shortcut, theme, or other settings.

* Place the Ubiquity popup window under the location bar, if
  it's even possible

* Make sure that Ubiquity extension can access preferences,
  searches, and so on. That would be massively useful.

Cosimo, 18/Oct/2010