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VlogDump stating a MISS when it is a HIT #1

puneetar opened this Issue May 27, 2013 · 1 comment

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This tool shows MISS in front of the request, even if I asked only for HITS ?? And request is a HIT too....

what does this MISS signify ??

$ varnishlog | ./vlogdump -v only_hits=1 => GET /public/stylesheets/main.css HTTP/1.1 MISS
<= 304 Not Modified 0.141 ms => GET /public/javascripts/jquery-1.6.4.min.js HTTP/1.1 MISS
<= 304 Not Modified 0.157 ms

Log dump can be viewed at

cosimo commented Jan 21, 2014

I think you probably used an old version of vlogdump.
Should not be the case now.

@cosimo cosimo closed this Jan 21, 2014
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