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Baidu Weather API widget
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Baidu Weather Widget

It's simple weather widget. Made by AngularJS. If you wanna use please get your API Key. Link is here


Preview is here

Quick start

Clone the git repo git clone

What's Include

It's build on middleman. But if you want only HTML version you can find in gh-pages branch.



  • Fix require
  • Add ES6 support


  • Add location error message
  • Remove unnecessary components
  • Add 'Baidu location API' get user location by IP
  • Add ngCloak directive
  • Add ngStrict mode
  • Add Bootstrap4

To Do List

  • Upgrade to Angular
  • Do it by Vuejs
  • Remove jQuery
  • Make directive
  • Use factory
  • Add loading effect
  • Update it as same time with done button
  • Add animate to show settings input
  • Remove, unnecessary components (Sass, AngularJS)
  • Review, responsive layouts
  • Create gh-pages branch with demo preview
  • Add alert if city value is empty or wrong typo
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